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About us

About Budget Propane

Budget Propane specializes in propane distribution and the sale of propane appliances.

Budget Propane installation teams will:

  • Connect your new appliance to the propane tank, complete the inspection of all material and ensure that your system is in working order from the onset.
  • Our teams strive to meet the highest standards in safety and exceed expectations in customer service.

Company profile

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Budget Propane offers services in the regions of the Montérégie, the West Island of Montreal, the North Shore of Montreal, Laval, the lower Laurentians and the Outaouais.

We offer a wide selection of propane appliances for residential, commercial, agricultural use of propane, including: fireplaces, dryers, residential and commercial hot water heaters, space heaters, restaurant equipment, barbecues, and camping equipment. Budget Propane also powers the forklift and transportation sectors with propane – Canada’s most economically and environmentally friendly alternative fuel.

As a founding partner in P38 Inc., Budget Propane is dedicated to improving the public perception, knowledge and commercial awareness of propane, and conforming to the highest standards of regulatory compliance and product safety.

Energy distributors are highly regulated today and for understandable reasons. We work with hazardous materials and must do so safely for all concerned – our customers, and employees, the public at large and our shareholders. At Budget Propane we are committed to a significant investment in internal compliance capabilities because it makes sound business sense. In the long run, we are certain that this investment will generate meaningful returns.

Budget Propane’s mission is to ensure a reliable supply of propane to its customers, and to promote the use of propane wherever applicable

For Budget Propane, operating to the highest standards of installation compliance, quality workmanship and complete customer satisfaction are well-established values, shared by our employees and partners. As a company that is very much involved with the organizations governing the various aspects of the industry and of the regulations to promote the product, we aim, above all, to identify and provide energy-efficient and innovative solutions.

Budget Propane is recognized as a leader in the field for exceptional service, qualified and dedicated personnel high-performance installations and equipment. All this, thanks to the support of an information system developed to meet the specific needs of both the customer and the company.


Budget propane is a member of many Canadian organizations and a member of different propane industry subcommittees. These different memberships have allowed Budget Propane to consistently be on the leading edge of technology in propane products and services.

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We belong to the following

  • Founding partner in P38.
  • Member of the Canadian propane association.
  • Member of the Association québecoise du propane.

We believe in the responsible growth and development of the industry and continue to involve ourselves in promoting the use of propane in applications that meet and exceed the highest level of standards compliance.

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